With so many sunglasses, how should I choose?
With so many sunglasses, how should I choose?
08.12.2021 | Maconini exchange | Me Blog

The tested lens sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) damage, reduce eye fatigue under bright environmental conditions, and protect your eyes from flying debris.
Casual sunglasses:
Suitable for daily use and basic life and entertainment activities. When you go to the market with family, casual sunglasses can protect your eyes well.
Sports sunglasses:
The concept of sports sunglasses is designed for activities such as running, mountaineering and biking. They are light in weight and very suitable for fast-paced activities. For the frames and lenses, more impact-resistant and flexible materials will be used. Sports sunglasses usually also have gripping nose pads and temple ends that help holds the frame in place even when sweating. Some sports sunglasses include interchangeable lenses, so you can adjust for different light conditions.
Polarized lenses:
Polarized lenses can greatly reduce glare. If you like water sports or are particularly sensitive to glare, polarization is a great feature.In some cases, polarized lenses can react with the colors on the windshield, creating blind spots and reducing the visibility of LCD readings. If this happens, please consider choosing UV400 sunglasses.
Photochromic lens:
The photochromic lens will automatically adjust to adapt to changing light intensity and conditions. These lenses actually darken on bright days and brighten when the weather darkens.Note: The photochromic process takes longer in a cold environment, and it does not work at all when the car windshield glass can block UV, because UVB rays will not penetrate the windshield.
Interchangeable lenses:
Some sunglasses styles are equipped with interchangeable (removable) lenses of different colours. The operation of these multi-lens functions allows you to protect your eyes according to your activities and conditions. If you need reliable performance in various situations, please consider using this option.