Follow the following four methods to protect your eyes
Follow the following four methods to protect your eyes
08.20.2021 | Maconini exchange | Me Blog

Regardless of whether you have myopia or not, as long as you follow the following four methods to protect your eyes, you can at least ensure the health of your eyes.


1. Get enough sleep. Don't spend too long watching TV, reading a book or using a computer. Don't wait until your eyes are tired. Instead, rest for 10-15 minutes every hour or so. When resting, look at the green trees or the distant view outside the window, or do eye exercises to relax your eyes. In addition to work and rest, adequate sleep is the best way to eliminate eye fatigue. Try to go to bed before 11 p.m.

2. Pay attention to eye habits and eye environment, and maintain a correct sitting posture when looking at the computer and studying. Keep the distance between your eyes and the screen at least 50 cm, and it is best to use a downward viewing angle of 10 to 15 degrees. Let your eyes look down at the fluorescent screen slightly to minimize the area of ​​the eyeball exposed to the air. This can reduce the dryness of the cornea. It should be noted that the lower angle of view is not the spine down, but to keep the cervical spine upright and look down in a blink of an eye. When turning off the lights, do not watch TV or play with light-emitting electronic devices such as mobile phones. Do not place the computer monitor in direct sunlight, as it may cause visual fatigue. Do not lie down or read books in poorly lit places or on moving objects (such as vehicles). If you experience dryness, redness, burning or foreign body sensation, heavy eyelids, blurred vision, or even eyeball pain or headache, you should immediately stop operating the computer, reading and studying, and rest for a while.

3.stay homeless and spend more time outdoors in natural light. Proper sun exposure can promote the secretion of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the eye, help inhibit the growth of the eye axis, and prevent the occurrence of myopia. At the same time, looking into the distance during outdoor activities can make the eyes relaxed and comfortable. All help control the occurrence and development of myopia. At the same time, exercise can increase the blood circulation of the whole body, make the whole body full of qi and blood, and exercise the eye muscles. For example, in badminton and table tennis, the eyes should move up and down with the ball during exercise, adjusting and relaxing the eyes. Blinking more can moisturize the eyes and prevent dryness and discomfort; turning the eyes at multiple angles can exercise the eye muscles and keep the eyeballs. Balance. In addition, turning the eyes at multiple angles can also exercise the vitality and mental power of the eyes, making the eyes bright and radiant. Therefore, it is recommended to give yourself some time each week to participate in outdoor sports, feel the beauty of nature, and relax your eyes better.

4. check your eyes regularly. Many people think that regular physical examinations are just to check their eyesight. In fact, checking vision is only part of an eye exam. The eye exam can not only check whether your vision is normal, but also find other hidden diseases. The main items of regular eye examination are doctor's consultation, intraocular pressure examination, slit lamp examination, ophthalmoscope examination, and other main steps. After these steps are completed, some eye abnormalities can basically be ruled out. In addition to checking some common eye diseases, eye examinations can also analyze or discover hidden dangers of other diseases through fundus examinations. For example, patients with high blood pressure and diabetes are prone to retinopathy and glaucoma. It can also infer the brain by the degree of ophthalmic arteriosclerosis. The degree of arteriosclerosis is related to the degree of arteriosclerosis of the body, so regular fundus examinations are very useful.