Dry eyes should be taken seriously !
Dry eyes should be taken seriously !
08.27.2021 | Maconini exchange | Me Blog

1, Dry eyes should be taken seriously.
Dry eyes are one of the common "occupational diseases" in modern workplaces. Many people don't take it seriously and like to buy some eye drops to relieve dry eyes. However, dry eyes are not necessarily caused by excessive eye fatigue, but may also be caused by physical diseases, such as the dry eye. In addition to trachoma, chronic conjunctivitis, refractive errors, etc., you should also pay attention to whether it is caused by the whole body Sexual diseases or endocrine disorders, especially stubborn dry eye, should be assisted in diagnosis and treatment in relevant departments when necessary. Many eye drops have a cooling sensation when dripped into the eyes, constrict blood vessels, make the eyes no longer congested, and temporarily make the eyes feel comfortable, but the root cause of dry eyes has not been found, and there is no real cure. Therefore, long-term use of eye drops to alleviate dry eyes can only provide immediate relief, just like painkillers, it may delay the condition after a long time.


2, most people do not use eye drops correctly.
Wash your hands before putting on eye drops
Wash your hands before putting on eye drops
Wash your hands before putting on eye drops
Be sure to wash your hands before using eye drops. Do not touch your eyes or eyelashes with the eye drop bottle. It is best to wash your hands again after you drop the eye drops. Especially patients with acute infectious eye disease should pay more attention.
Eye drops should be dedicated to someone, not to share with others, to avoid cross-infection.
When instilling eye drops, pull the lower eyelid and do not drop it directly on the black eyeball (cornea). Because the cornea is more sensitive, drops of eye drops on it will often cause reactive eye closure, squeezing out the eye drops, which will not have any effect. All opened eye drops have a shelf life of 2 to 3 weeks and no longer than one month. Never use eye drops that have been left for a long time. Therefore, eye drops should not be used frequently and must be used in accordance with the doctor's advice. Do not abuse them. Don't let your eyes get tired and think about dropping eye drops. Rest and relax your eyes is the right way. All eye drops that contain antibiotics (such as chloramphenicol eye drops) can only be purchased with a doctor's prescription. The purpose is to avoid abuse. For general keratitis and conjunctivitis, doctors will prescribe antibiotic eye drops or antiviral eye drops. Compared with systemic medication, eye drops have the advantages of convenient carrying, direct action of the drug on the lesion, and less side effects on the whole body. However, after the condition is under control, the number of eye drops should be gradually reduced, and the medication should be stopped until the condition is cured. Some people can't live without eye drops for a long time because of keratitis. They always feel that they are not at ease if they don't use eye drops. They may get keratitis or conjunctivitis again, and develop a psychology of dependence. However, any effective anti-infective drug has a certain degree of drug resistance. When the eye develops drug resistance if the cornea and conjunctiva are infected and inflamed again, the effect of dripping the same kind of eye drops will not be good. Instead, it may cause damage to the eyes.

3, underestimated the damage of bright light to the eyes
Light plays an important role in life, but many bright lights in life are also harmful to the eyes. For example, the blue light of mobile phones and computers, ultraviolet rays under natural light, neon lights on the side of the road, LED lights on the street, bathroom heaters in the bathroom, etc. These strong lights, if you look at them for a long time, will cause damage to your eyes, and some serious ones will cause permanent damage. Sexual blindness.

a, Strong light will increase stress on fatigue.
If you work in a strong light environment, these strong lights will irritate your eyes, causing tired eyes, dry eyes, tearing eyes, etc. These discomforts will aggravate eye fatigue and cause vision loss.

b, Bright light can damage the health of the eyes.
There is a macular area on the retina of our eyes. The macular area can perceive brightness. For children, this part is not fully developed before the child is 4 years old. If the computer is exposed to blue light for a long time, it will cause Macular oedema, eye inflammation and other problems.
If it is severe, it will cause sunburned macular degeneration, which is irreversible. Therefore, for children, it is also necessary to avoid strong light exposure. For the elderly, if they are exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, the possibility of cataracts in their eyes will be higher. In addition, when the eyes are exposed to strong light, the pupils will shrink, and if they are exposed to strong light for a long time, it will cause an eyeball muscle spasm, eyeball swelling, dizziness and other discomfort. A long-term reading under strong sunlight can also cause damage to the cornea and lens, and aggravate myopia. Therefore, you must pay attention to eye protection when the light is strong.