4 point, pay attention, to this way to protect your glasses
4 point, pay attention, to this way to protect your glasses
09.11.2021 | Maconini exchange | Me Blog

Regardless of whether you are wearing glasses for the first time, you need to pay attention to the following items. As long as the following precautions are fulfilled, the life of the glasses can be increased.

1. When removing and putting on the frame glasses, you must use both hands to operate, and when placing the glasses, do not directly touch the glasses on the table, etc., place the glasses upwards, and store them in the glasses case.

2. Most of the glasses are gently folded from the left side of the lens first. If you fold it from the right side first, it will cause the frame itself to be unbalanced and skewed, making it uncomfortable for you to wear.

3. If the screw is loose, please take it to the optician and tighten it in time, otherwise, the lens will easily fall on the ground and break.

4. We have to take different maintenance measures for frame glasses of different materials.

a.)Frame mirrors (tortoiseshell) made of natural materials should not be cleaned by ultrasonic, which will easily cause the tortoiseshell to heat up and deform and cause the glasses frame to break.

b.)Metal frame mirrors are particularly prone to cause allergies and corrosion by sweat from the skin, so you must wipe the frames regularly. Of course, frames made of other materials are better to wipe off the sweat and grease adhering on them regularly, so that the service life of the frame mirrors can be increased.

c.) Framed mirrors such as plates or plastics must not be exposed to the sun for a long time, nor should they be soaked in hot water. In this case, the spectacle frame will be deformed and easily broken.